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If you are looking for Meditation classes in Bristol The Life Flow Meditation method is a technique that is easy to use and suitable for all levels of experience.

The Life Flow Meditation Method

Regular meditation can help you feel more calm, lower blood pressure and help you see things in a clearer perspective.

I work with beginners through to advanced practitioners, showing you how to move from basic mindfulness through to advanced levels of awareness that uncover profound aspects of your consciousness.

The Life Flow Meditation method is a technique I have developed over a number of years of practice. It is a simple method that uses a key muscle contraction, a type of yogic breathing, an intention and a visualisation. This combination helps you move easily into a transcendent state where you are no longer controlled by the conditioned part of your mind. With consistent practice you will then be able to feel the energy of your higher consciousness moving through your body, calming and refreshing you whilst helping you see a clearer direction for your life.

The Life Flow method is best learned in individual sessions but it can also be done in a small group by arrangement.

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Results with hypnotherapy vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed. Outcomes will be influenced by an individuals motivation, past experiences and their willingness to practice agreed action plans between sessions. The amount of sessions needed to achieve certain outcomes will also vary from individual to individual.