Hypnotherapy For Better Sleep

It is often said the 3 pillars of good health are good nutrition, plenty of exercises and a good nights sleep. But so many things can disrupt sleep causing you to feel fatigued and over time cause health problems.

Some of the things that cause sleep problems are stress, diet, and unhelpful habits before bedtime.

How can hypnotherapy help with sleep?

Hypnotherapy can help you improve the quality of your sleep in a couple of different ways. First, it can help you deal with whatever is stressful in your life. The second way is to give you relaxation techniques that help you get off to sleep more easily and also help you get back to sleep if you wake in the night.
The main thing that derails sleep is stress, whether that is work or home life. Hypnotherapy helps you see things with a clearer perspective. It helps to empower you by focussing on the action you can take to sort things out. It helps you focus on the things that in your control and helps you to let go of things that are out of your control.

Sleep and brain wave cycles

Using self-hypnosis techniques will help you get off to sleep more easily by changing your brain wave cycle.
Just before you go to sleep your brainwave cycles begin to move from the beta range that we experience during the day to the alpha range when we are more relaxed. Learning some basic self-hypnosis techniques will help you change your brain wave cycle so that you fall asleep easily and effortlessly.

How many sessions are needed?

Most people experience an improvement in the quality of their sleep with between 2 and 6 sessions.
If you would like to discuss things in more detail call or email me and we’ll arrange a time for your free 20-minute telephone consultation.