Free Meditation in Bristol

Do you need to de-stress and unwind? Do you want to develop a meditation practice or take what you already do on to a whole new level?

If you feel ready to add something new and positive to your life, I offer a free one hour meditation session during which I'll show you a simple, powerful meditation technique. This technique is the perfect antidote to a busy life. It is ideal for people who want to create a calming, energising meditation practice and who want to go beyond basic mindfulness.

The relaxing, uplifting technique will help you to come away from the conditioned part of your mind (that part of you that holds all the stress) and help you open up to your higher consciousness (the part of you that is calm, uplifting and creative).

The technique combines a key muscle contraction, a type of yogic breathing, visualisation and directed intention. This encourages your most positive energy to flow through your body. leaving you calm, relaxed and positive.

If you would like to book a free session call me, Richard Braybrooke, on 07772754572 or 0117 9393999. I am an experienced hypno-psychotherapist, counsellor, and Pilates teacher. I am also a personal trainer and meditation teacher.

If you would prefer to email my address is