Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of helping people to stop smoking.
It’s completely safe and there are no side effects.

How does Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy work?

There are several reasons why hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for smoking. The first actually has nothing to do with hypnosis. Probably the most important ingredient in helping you quit is your intention. Just the act of phoning up and making an appointment magnifies the energy of your intention. It focusses you and your mind. And it fixes a date when you are going to stop.
But there is much more to stop smoking hypnotherapy than just coming to an appointment. Hypnotherapy uses the powerful state of hypnosis to make the positive changes you want.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis itself is a state of relaxed awareness. In hypnosis, you do not lose consciousness and you do not lose control. I often think of it as being like daydreaming - with intent. Daydreaming is visualising something. When you visualise something you want and something you intend to make happen you begin to change that part of your mind called the subconscious. It’s a little like reprogramming your internal computer. Once you change your internal programming, being a non-smoker can feel easy and natural.
This is one aspect of Stop smoking hypnotherapy - helping you to visualise yourself as a non-smoker. Helping you see and feel what it is going to be like in a number of key situations, for example, first thing in the morning, on your way to work, when you’re out socialising and after meals.
In addition, visualisations help you see a future you as a non-smoker, six months, a year and five years down the road. This helps your mind accept this is a permanent change.

Hypnotherapy helps you make positive choices

Many people who quit smoking with patches, gum or with just willpower may have some early success but then return to the habit because of stress or because they think they will just have one cigarette. That one cigarette always becomes another and another and before they know if they are right back to where they were, only more frustrated than ever.
Hypnotherapy helps you handle these scenarios with a couple of simple self-hypnosis techniques. Also during a session, I’ll show you a powerful visualisation that helps your mind keep choosing to be a non-smoker and never falling into the trap of thinking you can have just one cigarette.

How many sessions are needed?

For most people, a single session can be sufficient. If there are stressful situations that need to be worked through it may be necessary to do additional sessions. Where smoking is used to cover up emotional issues it may be necessary to work through those things as well.

Booking the appointment

Once you get in touch we can arrange a time for a 15-20 minute telephone conversation where I can answer all your questions. After that we’ll get the date set at a time that’s convenient for you., usually a week or two after the initial chat on the phone.