​​​​​​​Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of helping people achieve their ideal weight. When used in conjunction with a sensible approach to exercise and nutrition it is probably the most effective, healthy and sustainable way to lose excess body fat.
This latter point about losing excess fat is important. It’s not the weight necessarily that is the problem. It is the unwanted fat stores that build up through eating too much of the wrong kind of foods and leading an inactive lifestyle.

How does hypnotherapy work with weight loss?

In a nutshell, hypnotherapy helps you change bad habits into good ones.
It might be the habit eating when you’re already full. It might be the daily habit of chocolate bars, crisps, and cakes. It might be the habit of eating unhealthy food if you’re feeling depressed or anxious. Or it might be the habit of avoiding exercise.
These habits can all be changed into ones where you enjoy healthy eating and being active, and you feel more relaxed and positive about you and your life.
Hypnotherapy can help you create these new habits with the use of powerful visual imagery that begins to reprogram your subconscious - the part of you controls many of the choices you make.

How many sessions are required?

I usually work with people over 5 or 6 sessions spread over a couple of months. During this time you will become aware and in control of your choices. Where food has been used to cover up difficult emotions hypnotherapy will help you resolve issues from the past that may be contributing to the choices you’ve been making.
Hypnotherapy will also help you identify unhelpful thoughts and beliefs and change them to positive ones.

​​​​Additional Help for weight loss
With my training and experience as a Pilates teacher, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Advisor I will also be able to guide you into making great choices around exercise and nutrition. Many people start a diet with good intentions but because of poor guidance fail to get the results they want. I can help you make choices based on proper scientific evidence and not fads promoted by celebrities!
Part of this includes a free nutrition report for all people who book a block of 5 sessions or more. This report will show you how well balanced your current diet is and whether you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. It also highlights areas that you need to change and which foods are your main problem areas.
If you feel ready to take the next step just call me and we’ll arrange a free 20-minute telephone consultation where I can answer all your questions and we go into things in much more detail.